Curtis Williams I’ve made my home in Spain since 1998.  I fell in love with this country in the mid-1990s when I came here to make my first pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, and by the time I’d reached the cathedral I had decided to live here permanently. Kinda nutty, I know; go away on vacation and change your address. It wasn’t quite that simple, and it took a couple of years battling the evil forces of international bureaucracy at home and abroad before I could finally get my visa and pull it off, but pull it off I did.

So, how does a pilgrimage-besotted expat keep body and soul together when not on traipsing across, you ask? I’m a jack-of-all trades who’s worked as a language teacher at the university, primary and secondary school levels, and in business and private classes. I have also worked as a translator of a number of books, magazine articles and other projects, including an audio guide to Rome produced in MP3 format.

I’m also a guide who’s walked the pilgrim’s route to Santiago de Compostela on seven separate occasions now and have started a company called Pilgrim Pathways ( with some friends. If you’d like to organize a pilgrimage along the Camino with your parish, youth group, organization or just with a group of friends, I’d love to help. We offer organized group pilgrimages as self-guided walks and cycling pilgrimages. If you would like more information about making the pilgrimage with me, don’t hesitate to contact me at

I anticipate there being other contributors to this blog in the near future as I refine it and figure out in which direction I ultimately want this thing to go.