This blog serves as a place where pilgrims making the journey to Santiago de Compostela on the walks organized by Pilgrim Pathways can document their experiences, and where their family and friends can come to keep up with our progress as we make our way along the Pilgrim’s Way to Compostela. You’ll see posts and photos here from our group leaders and participants, and hopefully share a little bit of the fun of the journey as we go!

When we’re not out on the road, I trust that the blog’s scope will gradually broaden and perhaps become a place where pilgrims past and present can meet to catch up with one another, share their experiences of the Camino and ask questions.

At present comments are moderated before posting, but the turn around time for that should be pretty brief, so if you’re visiting us because you have a friend or family member who’s walking the Camino with us, feel free to leave messages of encouragement for them here if you want; we’ll make sure they see them!