Stage 16: Calzadilla de la Cueza to Sahagún (Linda)

Today dawned rainy and misty, our paranoia over getting wet again was at an all time high. We set off in the dark as the Camino runs beside the road again for the first part of our walk.

Dawn on the meseta

I was determined not to speed along so stopped in Ledigos for a cuppa, Curtis was going to walk right by because it is highly unusual for me to stop so early in the day. We had a nice cuppa headed out.

I wasn’t stopping at the next town, but the lure of a toilet was too much. As I poked my head round the door the table full of some of the Aussie group and the Italian cohorts chorused “Hola Linda” so I sat for a moment discussing how their feet and legs were traveling today and proudly informing them I had thrown the top half of my second little toe away!

Rebecca and I decided to walk together from there, and set off chatting away. All was good as the sun decided to put in an appearance and the morning began to look up. On to San Nicolás del Real Camino where we sat outside having a break and enjoying the sun. Shortly after we managed to wander off the Camino, too busy talking! But were alerted by a passing motorist tooting their horn to let us know we were on the wrong path.

We crested a hill to see Sahagún before us, lovely; as we crossed the road the local flasher put in an appearance. He can’t have been all that impressive as I missed it completely, but it gave us something to chuckle over.

The Church of San Lorenzo in Sahagún

We had a few drinks and a chat with everyone at the bar when we entered town and then I said my goodbyes as they will go on another 20kms today before stopping. Found our hotel and sat down to paella for lunch, ready for a relaxing afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Stage 16: Calzadilla de la Cueza to Sahagún (Linda)

  1. Hello again my friend Linda. You look amazingly fit in your photo that curtis posted. (Except for the ciggie that is)
    Sounds like you have met some fantastic people on this walk. I think your feet sound like they are a bit of a mess. Please get a foot massage somewhere hon, there are probably some men on the walk that would do it for you!
    Take care and be true to yourself.

  2. Hola Curtis, estaría bien que os hicierais alguna foto en grupo para que se os vea juntos y la colgaras.
    ¿Que tal va todo? Espero que bien, mucho animo y fuerza y valor, un abrazo Teresa

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