Stage 15: Carrión de los Condes to Calzadilla de la Cueza (Linda)

Our stay at the monastery last night was lovely, a wonderful old building that, yet again has been renovated with great respect shown to the original architecture.

For the first time this morning it was good to be a tea drinker in Spain. I wandered up to the bar at breakfast to find the coffee drinkers lined up about ten deep for their chance to make a cuppa. I, on the other hand, walked straight to the hot pot of water and peacefully went about brewing a tea. Sometimes being the only tea drinker in Spain rocks!

We headed out late this morning as breakfast was not til 8.30, and we only had 19 kms to walk, so no rush. It was overcast as we set out, but that has become the norm. I promised Curtis I would not walk too fast, and so became the sport of time-wasting. I am not good at it, and was becoming frustrated with the flat nothingness of the landscape.

A fellow who dined at a table near us the night before had set out on his Camino this morning and passed me as I was having a ciggie (time-wasting). As I started walking again, I saw Lars and Signe ahead, a lovely Danish couple I had come to know a little and very good fun. I determined that I would not be bored rigid alone so set off in a bid to catch up to them. As my footsteps approached him from behind the young guy started walking faster and faster, in the end to put him out of his misery I broke into a run creating some consternation from those around us. I could hear them thinking that the Camino had finally broken me, a pilgrim, running, after all that walking, loca!

Bag the tea, girl, what'cha need is one of these babies!

We had a lovely stroll into Carrión de los Condes, arriving at the hotel at 11.50, no one could believe that my day was over. We sat outside cheering on the arriving pilgrims, particularly the Aussie group, with their Italian cohorts. Tintos con gaseosas all around and much laughter. We were about the only ones in the first group staying so farewelled everyone and settled in for some serious relaxation, tended to by the greatest flirt I have ever met! Bring on the Brazilians I say.

A lovely dinner followed by interesting conversation with an Irishman, American, and a German living in Spain rounded off the evening; the Camino brings everyone together.