Stage 13, Take 2: Hontanas to Frómista (Linda)

The Romanesque Church of St. Martin's, in Frómista

For the first time on the Camino, we were able to get breakfast when we were ready to, as I was awake at 6 am, the prospect of hot tea early was fabulous. We headed out into the pre-dawn dark as I had my mind firmly planted on the fact that we were to cover 34 kms. today.

The first part of our morning took us through some muddy trails which kept me occupied trying to see my footing as the sky began to lighten. I stopped for a cuppa in Castrojériz at the first bar I came to, I found the bunch of Spanish guys who we were drinking with last night in having breakfast. Nothing out of the ordinary, except, their breakfast staple is red wine, beer, and cigars! Makes me look like a paragon, I find it amusing as they will tell you the alcohol gives them strength for the road ahead, hopefully they can see it!

As I was leaving town, I bumped into a fellow I was chatting with in Hontanas yesterday, he has dubbed me The Roadrunner, so beep!beep!, after I left him I started walking with an interesting Irish bloke Terry. He has traveled for the last twenty years all over the world, so we climbed the heights together chatting all the way. He was my companion for most of the walk today, he had some extremely interesting insights into the Irish issues, so I picked his brain for a while.

As we were crossing an extremely exposed area the rain decided it could hold off no longer, but I had decided to stop for a smoke in the shelter of the few trees available so we avoided the worst of it. We started off again feeling lucky to have been able to stay so dry, so you can guess that the universe wasn´t having that! Down it came, so we laughed at our predicament, coz what else were we going to do.

The last push from Boadilla del Camino to Frómista was hard yakka, the rain was pouring I was soaked from the waist down and my feet, well, let’s just say the photos people took of them yesterday in all their blistered and bloody glory would have been far exceeded today. It was so good to walk into the hotel lobby, the owner was terrific, as before I even signed in he allowed me upstairs to change. Probably the fact that I was dripping all over the floor convinced him to get me out of there. My bathroom has the biggest bath with bath salts, oh bliss! Looking forward to dinner and a shorter day on the Camino tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Stage 13, Take 2: Hontanas to Frómista (Linda)

  1. You look very well, I hope you are enjoying a lot.
    Have a good way cheers Teresa

  2. Hi again
    I am tired just hearing the both of you talk about the miles walked each day. linda you will be incredibly fit when you come home.( If you come home, this could be the start of a round the world walk) See that you are still finding time to have a sip of the vino each night with new found friends. Good for you.

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