Stage 12: Burgos to Hontanas (Curtis)

We got out the door a bit later than desirable today, but it was well worth it for the uncommonly hearty breakfast our hotel set up for us. When you’re staring down the barrel of a 30k walk, little things like an abundance of ham, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, fruit, yoghurt and, of course, ample quantities of coffee (aka, the Blessed Bean) is not something to be sniffed at nor tossed aside lightly in the interests of a schedule.

We have been so blessed with the weather on this pilgrimage. For most of today the sky was clouded over but with the most agreeable walking temperature you could ask for. The sun came out in a bright, blue sky sometime around 2:30 p.m., but there was such a cool tailwind blowing that the afternoon’s final 10k walk was not at all hot or uncomfortable.

Normally there’s no way I’d be out walking after lunch, rolling into town at 4:30 p.m. or later, but when I stopped for a rest in Hornillos del Camino today after 20k, I struck up a conversation with a father and son from Valencia who were walking the Camino together and decided to have lunch with them before pushing on. Lunch in Hornillos today consisted of an entreé course of white beans with Spanish chorizo sausage, a main course of stewed beef, and a dessert course of sheep’s curd, all washed down with the local red.

Okay, so the first couple of kilometers after that admittedly hearty lunch were a bit of a slog, I’ll admit, but I soon got my Camino groove back and we made the final 10k in just about an hour and a half.

Hontanas is one of those Casilian villages that never appears on the horizon and that you think you’re never going to find until you’re right on top of it, because it’s built down in an arroyo (come on guys, I’m blogging on a Blackberry tonight; look the word up for yourselves!) and just suddenly appears in front of you. I got in, said goodbye to my father and son travelling companions, and hit the hotel for a shower, wash out the walking gear and a quick nap before supper.

Linda & Mr. Bigglesworth having a cuppa in Hontanas

I tried to be a bit social after supper and join Linda and the other pilgrims from the albergue across the street for drinks and the usual pilgrim banter, but I wasn’t really in the mood. Seems I’m in full-on hermit mode at the moment, so I retired to the little bar in our hotel for a couple of glasses of wine and some Blackberry blogging since there was no computer available.

Tomorrow’s walk is another long ‘un: 34 kilometers. So, it’s time for this little pilgrim to get to bed. Ultreia, peeps!


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  1. Andale Curtis. Bien hecho, bien dicho. Estamos para salir Lunes lleno de anticipacion y mas. No vemos en ocho dias. Acabamos de rama canoa hoy dia. Que linda la madrugada……. Que duerman bien…. Mike/Alejandro.

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