Stage 11: San Juan de Ortega to Burgos (Curtis)

Burgos, home of the legendary Spanish hero El Cid Campeador

We had a bit of a rest day in Burgos today. We arrived earlier than anticipated, and that meant that Linda was able to get to a sporting goods store and get herself some new Asics trekking shoes. Though she is a serious walker and had bought her boots well in advance to break them in, they have not served her at all well and have basically turned her feet into hamburger. And yet she still kicks everyone’s arse … o-o-ookay …

So we got rested up for the 30k walk from Burgos to Hontanas, I hit the evening Mass in the cathedral, we went out for some tapas in the city centre before sitting down at our hotel to an absolutely scrummy plate of pasta and calamares (squid) that was cooked to PERFECTION. Now it’s off to bed for a good night’s sleep and back on the road tomorrow.


A stop for a photo op on the steps of the cathedral