Stage 7: Logroño to Nájera (Cheryl breaks her silence)

You haven’t heard from me because I have never been sooo tired! My right knee has decided to compete with my feet for special attention. My feet are now my best friends. Every little and big pain on my feet demands extra special attention! Enough about feet.

Last night in Logroño Linda, Curtis and I went out for tapas and to soak up some local culture. You would think it was a special holiday with people and families out everywhere. We soon got swept up into the fun going to different tapas places and just people watching. It felt like a grand party and we were invited!

This was a fun day of good conversation on El Camino and despite language challenges, the bond of the pilgrims encourages one another. Henri and his friend accomponied me from Navarette to Ventosa. Henri was ruminating about why he was on El Camino. His reason was doing penance for his sins. He is going to burn his clothes in Santiago then buy new clothes to become a new person of faith. Then he asked me but before I could answer he told me that most people don’t tell him the truth! I told him I have 3 reasons- the first is a spiritual renewal, the second is to challenge myself physically and last to raise money for my special 4th graders in the reading tutoring center.

Hey, let’s make a pact: if you have read this blog and laughed even once, then how about sending $1.00 in for and he replied his reason is to spend time with his friend Henri. Wthe reading center for kids who really need help that I work with by going to Once there, follow the directions for secure on- line giving! The thing is, you will have to actually read from Linda’s or Curtis’ blog to get a laugh because, really, I’ve come to accept that I’m just not funny.

Anyway, Henri was walking with his friend (sorry readers, I don’t remember this also amazing person’s name) and so I asked him the same question he had asked me. His response was that he was walking El Camino to be with a friend; that is the kind of friendship that I find to be deeply moving.

My day ended with Curtis walking the final stage from Ventosa to Nájera with me. We had a long conversation about faith and just the sound of his voice helped me put one foot in front of the other. I should have taken a before Camino “foot” photo but you really don’t want to be repelled by them today. The funny (see-I can be funny) thing is that I treated my feet like gold, but the day before getting on the plane I got a nasty heel cut!

I’m going to close now because it’s almost dinner time. There’s a huge fiesta going on right outside my hotel window; everywhere in Spain it seems that there’s a party, even in Nájera!


One thought on “Stage 7: Logroño to Nájera (Cheryl breaks her silence)

  1. Hey Cheri! You have been experiencing some really great things personally and spiritually on your pilgramage so far, not to mention the occasional party outside your window.
    🙂 lol!

    Despite some undesired knee and foot pain, you are doing it!! I am so very proud of you and am continuing to pray for you for the rest of your pilgramage to come. It seems like your fellow travelers are very interesting people with a lot of depth of spirit in them.

    Stay strong in Christ Cheri, God will give you the strength to overcome the pain and obstacles that you must deal with over the balance of your journey! We’re all cheering you on. I’m now on my vacation week but will still keep up with your postings. Be Blessed!

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