Stage 6: Los Arcos to Logroño (Linda’s report)

We had a lovely night in Los Arcos, the couple who are running the albergue, Sara and Iosue, have turned Sara’s grandmothers home into a business, as they are new to this I was interested to talk about how they are finding it, and the process of renovation the house has undergone. In the stairwell there are the most gorgeous ceramic tiles filling in the treads, Iosue was telling me they are 153 yrs old, and suffered during the renovations.

We attended mass in the local church, and the singing of the congregation was beautiful, no hymn books required, the community is obviously incredibly bonded and proud of their faith. The rural people are all incredibly welcoming of us interlopers which I find inspiring.

Up bright and early this morning to walk to Logroño, neither Curtis or myself slept much last night, the cool breeze and cloud cover made for a nice morning walking. I left Cheryl on the outskirts of town as I was warm and ready to tackle a big day. There was a group of cyclists who passed me and then 10 mins later I would pass them, this happened about 3 times which tells you how uneven the terrain we were crossing is. They were quite frustrated as their bikes did not allow for much speed. On the subject of bike riders on the camino, they tend to whistle or yell “buen camino” as they hook past, but the speed they are traveling I figure “buen camino” if you don’t kill me first!

I arrived in Logroño at 2p.m., found a taxi driver who drew me a quick map to find our hotel which wasn’t difficult as it is on the camino. Along the way I was chatting with a young bike rider from Brazil and another couple when we had to stop as there was a wedding in progress. As the bride and groom emerged they let go glitter, streamers, and some majorly loud firecrackers, it was terrific! The car had been covered in Post-it notes, and looked great.

While I was waiting for Curtis and Cheryl to come in I headed to a little bar on the corner to watch the street life and enjoy a well-earned icy cold bevvie. This is a vibrant town about the size of Pamplona and there is a lot to watch go by. Back to the hotel for a nap in preparation for dinner this evening.