Stage 4: Puente la Reina to Estella (Linda checks in)

Well, up and on the road bright and early this morning. First obstacle on the path was the climb out of the Arga River valley to Mañeru very steep and seemingly endless at times I am sure I muttered a few deleted expletives in between the gasping breaths! A lovely morning for walking as it was overcast with a nice, cool breeze.

We came to Cirauqui; the road we were walking was the Roman Via Traiana it was laid nearly two thousand years ago, for us Aussies it is unheard of for something man-made to be that old, so the sense of antiquity really struck me.

As we crested a hill we came upon the St. Michael’s hermitage, positioned amongst olive trees so old their trunks were covered in moss. The history in every inch of this area is stirring.

I am feeling quite good so far although my left little toe would make a decent mince-pie currently, so I must remember to stop and light a candle to the gods of elastoplast and blister kits at the next chapel we pass.

As we came into the township of Estella we passed the fortifications that would have protected the town thru the ages, on the side of the road there was a fountain with the inscription, “Estella, where bread is good, wine excellent, meat and fish are abundant, and which overflows with all delights”, from the twelfth century medieval pilgrim’s guide, the Codex Calixtinus. With a write-up like that I may never leave! Curtis and I sat at the fountain for a moment to savour the feeling of a good morning’s walk.

With so much to absorb I am sure that in time I will be better able to express all this trip is showing me, but for now the above will have to suffice. Ever onward!


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  1. Hi linda
    Sounds wonderful and so full of learning. You will remember each day of struggle. Have fun!!

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