Stage 3: Pamplona to Puente la Reina (Cheryl’s report)

Well, what do you know? Me on my… you know what …small tumble. I managed to not get hurt except that my pride was dashed already, so there wouldn’t be anything that would surprise Curtis after that. I’m sure he thought he was really up for catching people leaping across water not even two inches high!

What would you expect to see? A herd of cows? Sheep grazing lazily?

Saw both and a lot more, including people that we were beginning to see more and more as we travel together arriving often at the same lunch spot or hotel. We even are having fun conversations despite differences in languages. Walking through the vineyards between Muruzabal and the hermitage of Our Lady of Eunate Curtis and I heard singing. The music came from a tall man with long legs and a long stride. He was a pilgrim walking ahead of us with a tune that must have been catchy because he didn´t quit singing all the way until we caught up to him, then he was very chatty. His name was Heinrich from Germany and he said he had been waiting twenty years to have his dream of walking El Camino come true!

When I had some time walking by myself on a stretch I finally got the rhythm of the Scripture verse that I had set out to memorize and to help me with the pace of my walking. This was the first time I felt really introspective during the walk, and I hope to find more special moments like this. As I spoke to people wherever I went, people asked me what I thought would happen within myself on this trip: I don’t know yet, but I do know that the physical challenge is one that I have to work hard on each day. Linda has promised me that any day now I will hit my full stride, so I am hanging my hopes on her word!

One of the most awesome moments for me was seeing a red-winged hawk that soared down low with full wings spread and gliding on the wind currents. Then a bit later I saw the same hawk again! I do not have any ego issues but I am sure that he was coming around for another pass just for me.

After a long and very steep incline to the top of Mount Perdón, I knew that if I looked down I would lose my nerve to keep walking. At the top I spread out my arms and let the wind just cool me off and freshen me up a bit!

So next day I will pack up some dates or figs, okay I will give these a try for the first time! I trying to push my protein being a vegetarian will finally get me to eat some chicken I think. Somehow the protein bars that are everywhere in every gym and grocery store at home, these are non-existent here. I will let you know when I get off the band wagon and if I really manage to eat some chicken or some meat, although I do not think anything coming from a cow will make the switch!

Ciao for now and I hope to survive another day tomorrow.


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  1. Cheri, you keep fighting through it girl! I pray for your protein level to get a boost from something that your diet can manage. Bummer that there’s not many protein bars readily available for you. I’m prayin for you, and if you get too low “Eat mor Chikn” a slogan from the fried chicken fast food chain called Chick-fil-A. Walk on sister, walk on!

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