On The Road Again

I always like to begin a journey on Sunday because I shall have the prayers of the church to preserve all that travel by land or by water. – Jonathon Swift

Our journey along the Camino starts today! Trying to squeeze some breakfast in and get some last-minute preparations finsihed before heading out to meet Cheryl and Linda, the first of our group, who’ll arrive in Pamplona by train just before 2.00 p.m. today. After picking them up, we’ll head straight up to the monastery at Roncesvalles and have time for lunch, picking up our pilgrim’s credentials, and visits to the monument to the Ibañeta Pass and the monastery museum before attending the evening Mass in the monastery church. That’s always a highpoint of the journey.

No matter how often I take to the Camino, the packing ritual is a torture that I’ve never quite got under control. What to bring? What to leave behind? I did the initial load-up on Thursday …

So thinking I might be overdoing it a bit, I tore everything apart, rethought the process and have pretty much got it down to this:

Now there’s just a few more details to get taken care of before setting off, like breakfast, last-minute e-mails, a list of things for my flatmate to look after while I’m out etc. But first, it’s time for a serious coffee infusion here; let the blessed bean soothe my spirit …