The Camino countdown

This is a test entry to see if I’ve got the settings on this blog configured correctly for e-mail uploads from my phone.

Only nine days to go till I set off down the Camino with a new group of pilgrims. I’ve started a novena today to pray for the success of the pilgrimage and for the folks who will be walking with me. I’m excited and ready to roll.

Make no mistake, 35 days is a l-o-oo-ng walk. The first time I walked the Camino, I reached a point in the journey in which I was exhausted, roasting in the sun of a Spanish summer, battling blistered feet and questioning my sanity. And I promised myself I would NEVER do anything so stupid again … so of course it would end up being my job. Life is just that perverse, it seems … 🙂

Irony aside, anyone who’s ever walked the Camino can attest to the addictive nature of the journey. I’m really looking forward to this.